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Pandoc-math is a tool for converting latex mathematics documents into html. It is a written as a Pandoc filter but also has its own command line interface.

Pandoc is an amazing tool for converting from one markup format into another. However, when using pandoc for converting latex to html for mathematics documents, there are a number of issues as pandoc does not provide support for the commonly used amsmath and amsthm packages. Pandoc-math seeks to fix these issues when converting latex to html and provides support for:

  • Amsthm theorem environments, styles, qedhere, etc...
  • Amsmath commands such as: \numberwithin, \eqref

An example document is shown here, which is generated by this latex file and the command:

pandoc-math main.tex

Note that by simply running pandoc, without the pandoc-math filter, with a command such as pandoc main.tex -o output2.html -s --mathjax, we get the document shown here. This is missing equation numbering, the theorems are numbered incorrectly, and the equation referencing does not work.

To get started, look at:


Pandoc-math is an open source project and feedback/contributing is very welcome. Please visit the github page to leave bug/feature requests on the issue tracker there, or email me at with feedback or to get involved.

Last update: August 14, 2023
Created: August 14, 2023